Using real-time stream processing and event correlation, the ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement (ICE) platform provides enterprises continuous, ‘in-the-moment’ intelligence about each customer, based on their past behaviors, real-time signals, and current environmental variables, and applies AI to immediately deliver a personalized experience that truly resonates.

Large enterprises today face a new class of customer engagement challenges, with higher expectations among consumers to be authentically engaged by brands in ways that are relevant and meaningful to their personal needs and desires. Adding to this complexity is the sheer number of channels now available to interact with customers, and the need to create a consistent experience across every touchpoint.

Organizations have implemented solutions to incrementally improve their ability to deliver personalized, cross-channel customer experiences. However, because much of their customer data and channels are still siloed, they continue to be hindered in their ability to correlate events, contextualize past and current customer interactions, and predict or influence future behaviors and react to this knowledge in an intelligent manner. Retrofitted technologies won’t solve these new age challenges – a paradigm shift is needed.

Enter ZineOne

Built from the ground up to put data at the heart of engagement

Bringing together an unprecedented amount of data variables – both past and present – from a variety of online and offline channels, the ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform equips your enterprise with the situational awareness you need to not only understand, but also intelligently react to customer intent in real-time and on an individual level. By enabling in-the-moment, 1:1 personalized engagement at scale, it empowers you to deepen your relationship with every customer to drive sales, loyalty, and lifetime value.

In Any Channel

Leverages any and all channels required to reach the customer in their “influence zone”.

In Context

Uses past and present data to decide in- and out- of sessions the appropriate experience to deliver.

In Real-Time

Performs in-memory analysis of moving data streams, identifying patterns that trigger actions.

In Any Channel

Create cross-channel experiences that influence customer action at just the right moment.

ZineOne’s Intelligent Customer Engagement platform enables your enterprise to discover points of influence in the customer journey where certain engagements can yield the best possible results, interweaving digital and physical channels to maximize experience and convenience for customers.

As a result, the ZineOne ICE platform enables your enterprise to deepen your relationship with customers by delivering increasingly relevant, engaging, in-the-moment messages that drive loyalty and sales across a multitude of channels.

In Context

Engage intelligently to maximize lifetime value of every customer relationship.

The ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform does much more than simply analyze customer and event data; it transforms these streaming insights into relevant actions, providing AI-enabled experience personalization to reach each customer in a way that will resonate with them in the moment based on:

  • When a customer interaction should take place – delivers location-sensitive, situation-aware messages and experiences dependent on specific triggers, such as who and where the customer is and their predicted intent.
  • Where the experience should be deployed – determines which channel, from web to mobile web and mobile app, best applies to the specific situation and event.
  • What message should be communicated for optimized engagement – applies Artificial Intelligence to deliver personalized messages designed to engage and resonate in-the-moment.
  • How each individual prefers to be engaged – leverages machine learning to absorb and adapt to each users’ preferences over time and uses that intelligence to deliver increasingly relevant and effective engagement.
Using AI and machine learning to immediately deliver engaging and relevant experiences, the ZineOne ICE platform is also able to personalize a range of interfaces and interactions on a 1:1 level.

In Real-Time

Understand customer intent in real-time, at scale, on a single platform.

Enterprises today interact with customers in both the digital and physical world, and often at the same time. Customers walking down a store aisle, into bank branch, or in their hotel, for example, likely have a device in their hand, which gives businesses a powerful opportunity to engage them with in-person, location-sensitive offers. But to do so with the message most likely to make the customer take action requires sensing, collecting, and analyzing event information, in context with past information about the customer, while the person is still in the aisle.

The ZineOne ICE platform combines and processes historic customer data, streaming real-time signals, and a wealth of environmental variables to provide a 360° view of individual customers and their behavior at the point of interaction, so intelligent decisions about how to tailor their experience can be made.

It does this by connecting data from the digital endpoints the customer uses to engage with a brand – for example, its website, mobile app, and POS display – with data from the brand’s systems of record – including those which store information on the customer’s past brand interactions. This creates a single user profile of the customer across all channels, which is updated on a real-time basis. It is further supplemented by external data, such as the customer’s geographic location and the time and weather in their area, to enrich your enterprise’s understanding of the individual’s current situation and mindset.

The ability to analyze data in motion, in context as it is streamed, is what enables you to engage customers with immediacy, effectively orchestrating their journey in real-time.

Achieve personalized engagement at scale with ZineOne.

The face of customer engagement is changing at a rapid pace; the ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform enables your enterprise to respond even faster.

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