Delight guests with personalized experiences before, during and after each stay.

In a world where thousands of travel and hospitality choices are right at guests’ fingertips, only experiences that personally engage guests from start to finish will stand out.

From hotel review sites to online travel planning, social media, and more—guests today have access to a wealth of hospitality information before their stay even begins, channels to interact with hospitality brands as their trip progresses, and numerous outlets on which to rate their experience after it occurs. That means that hospitality enterprises must leverage customer data in new and innovative ways to elevate and personalize guest interactions online as well as on-site in order to engage each guest on their own terms.

The ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to create differentiated guest experiences based on customer preferences and needs in real-time, engaging guests personally on their channel of choice to ensure that they take advantage of all you have to offer before, during, and after their stay.

The ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform enables hospitality providers to deliver AI-powered experience personalization.

Gain a 360º View of Guests’ Needs, Interests, and Intent

The ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform processes an unprecedented number of historic, real-time, and environmental data variables for each guest, at scale. When combined, these data points empower hospitality providers to create a complete picture of each guest, even as their needs and interests evolve. ZineOne is able to collect and process:

Streaming Real-Time Signals

  • Current browsing activity
  • Digital bookings in progress
  • Loyalty/Reward Balance

Environmental Variables

  • Current location
  • Local time
  • Area weather

Historic Data

  • Previous bookings and stays
  • Past brand interactions

Engage Guests In-The-Moment with Omni-Channel Interaction Management

Real-time customer data points, combined with insights from systems of record, enable the ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform to initiate in-session guest engagement that is both relevant and personalized for each guest on a 1:1 level. Whether guests are browsing the website, checking in to their room with a mobile app, or looking through emails once they get back home, ZineOne can reach them with the right message in just milliseconds via:

  • Web
  • Chatbot
  • Mobile App
  • On-Site/In-Room
  • Smart Watch
  • Casino

Continuously Delight Guests with Personalized Offers Throughout Their Stay

As an AI-powered decision layer, the ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform is able to deploy messages that resonate by ascertaining each guest’s ever-changing influence zone, or the specific convergence of their location, time horizon, channel, past interactions, and more that determine each guests’ true, in-the-moment intent.

ZineOne's solution, which leverages machine learning to deliver increasingly smart interactions, then deploys personalized engagement that aligns with guests’ intent and encourages them to:
  • Complete trip bookings with cross-channel reminders and in-session assistance.
  • Personalize their booking experience via relevant real-time engagement based on guest’s interests and needs.
  • Maximize their stay with location and time-sensitive messages promoting related on-site activities and opportunities.
  • Use loyalty and rewards points by notifying guests of potential cost savings at the time of transaction.
  • Interact with the brand post-trip with relevant follow-up messages at the appropriate time and on the right channel.

Create a Truly Differentiated, Data-Driven Guest Experience

When hospitality enterprises harness their guests’ ever-changing data to create optimized, AI-powered engagement in real-time, they can proactively serve their customer base on a 1:1 level to create truly differentiated guest experiences—at every stage of the trip. In fact, contextual messages based on location and customer activity can yield 6% conversion rates.

Unleash the Power of AI and Machine Learning
for Personalized Guest Experiences

The ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform empowers hospitality enterprises to unlock next-gen guest experience applications that turn first-time guests into loyal customers.

  • Connecting the Online & Offline Experience

    with seamless, personalized cross-channel engagement.

  • Optimized Pre-Trip Planning

    based on data from historic and real-time brand interactions.

  • Booking Completion

    that preserves and acts on customer to drive completion, no matter the current channel.

  • Loyalty Reminders

    that keep customers informed about their points as they plan and pay.

  • Time- and Location- Sensitive Offers

    dynamically deployed on-site for maximum impact and elevated guest experiences.

  • Post-Stay Engagement

    that boosts overall satisfaction and encourages long-term loyalty.

Ready to succeed in the new age of intelligent customer engagement?

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